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Yobit Customer Support Number | 1-888-594-0371

YoBit is a Russian Digital Platform exchange. Users can easily access YoBit via Yobit.net. In just 5 minutes, you will receive an instant email confirmation.

YoBit has one of the best and fastest servers ever. Read on to know more about the history, details, and prevalence in the crypto market.

History Of YoBit

YoBit is a cryptocurrency exchange that took its origin in the year 2014. Some European developers and crypto enthusiasts created it. At present, they are registered as YoBitCrypto Corp in Panama.

One of the weirdest yet interesting things about YoBit is that no one really knows where it operates from, who forms its team, or who owns it. There is very little info on the internet that pertains to these details for YoBit. The website of YoBit also resembles an anonymous trading platform.

Listing cryptocurrency on YoBit was pretty easy. This causes a long list of altcoins, most of which were unknown.

Most of these altcoins were dumped and pumped during the exchange by the founders of the community. The digital exchange founders never responded to whether or not they were aware of such a scheme taking place on their platform.

YoBit supports about 500 plus cryptocurrencies in over 8000 markets worldwide. You can also avail yourself of several altcoins, and creators can list them as well.

Prevalence In The Crypto Market

The total volume of YoBit lies around $234.70M currently. Its most popular markets are ETH/BTC, DASH/BTC, and ZEC/BTC.

The overall exchange rate is D. which reflects as poor. In 447 exchanges, YoBit has the rank of #203 in terms of transparency and volume. It also accounted for less than 1% volume in the entire crypto sphere index.

YoBit only allows trading with two fiat currencies. These are RUB and USD!

Other Details Of YoBit

The YoBit website is pretty good at what it does. You will experience an aggressive process of verification through the Google Authenticator. This mostly happens during withdrawal or payment.

Users will also get step-by-step instructions for activation after they register with the platform. The website itself has various traders. It includes Russian, Chinese, and English. You can easily switch from the YoBit website to their website.

YoBit also supports private trading. You do not have to go through KYC checks, making the platform convenient to use.

Trading Fees

YoBit has a fixed fee for makers and takers. It charges 0.20% for each trade, which can be slightly costlier for high-volume traders.

YoBit Benefits

YoBit boasts of a user-specific YO Token, which can be substantial in providing a lot of benefits to the people. Additionally, the exchange offers a grant range of tradeable cryptocurrencies with 8500+ crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto markets.

The exchange has a robust trading engine that manages to deliver reliable and fast performance. The advanced security measures prevent the user funds from getting hacked.

Along with this, YoBit also offers InvestBox activities, Initial Exchange Offerings, or games.

It also has a feature to let you know about tradeable cryptocurrencies.

Wrap Up

So that’s it for you all! While most of us would have heard about this exchange, we hope you could get a better understanding through this article.

YoBit Customer Support Service Number



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