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One of the things that cryptocurrency enthusiasts search for is a safe place to store their coins. A hardware wallet like Trezor is a great place to keep your coins safely.

Trezor wallet is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that SatoshiLabs released in 2014. This wallet lets you store, send, and receive different cryptocurrencies. Since it’s a hardware wallet, the private keys are not kept on your laptop or mobile but in a physical device.

Due to this, hackers find it impossible to enter the wallet virtually. There is no internet connectivity with the wallet, so it is one of the safest options for cryptocurrency storage.

Trezor Wallet Features

  • Secure Storage:You can connect Trezor wallet to your desktop or laptop using a USB connection. However, the connectivity is limited, which means even if your desktop or laptop is infected, it will not affect the cryptocurrency. The order of the numbers for the PIN changes every time you enter your private code
  • Various Currencies:Trezor supports more than 1000 coins that you can store. You will find many obscure altcoins other than the common cryptocurrencies that the wallet supports
  • Ease Of Use:Setting up the Trezor wallet is easy and does not take up much time. They have a secure account verification option that gets your account verified in no time. Moreover, navigating the different options is not an issue

Trezor Wallet Advantages

The advantages of using Trezor wallet are:

  • Since it is a hardware wallet, the key is not stored on your device. This means a hacker would be unable to access the system, and your cryptos will stay secure
  • The wallet gives you the freedom to store more than 1000 types of coins. You will not have to worry about not finding the coin you want to store
  • You can perform crypto transactions very easily due to the presence of a built-in GUI in the wallet
  • Password manager, a non-crypto feature, is present in the wallet that is beneficial for the users
  • The wallet is compatible with Android, web browser, and desktop OS

Trezor Wallet Disadvantages

The disadvantages of using Trezor are:

  • The wallet is not compatible with iOS
  • You will need to spend more on Trezor wallet than you do on online wallets
  • There are certain new concepts like security seeds that you have to learn about
  • Trezor wallet is significantly more expensive than other hardware wallets

Summing Up

If you are interested in cryptocurrency investments, Trezor can support you in that journey. It will not only help you keep your coins safe, but also ensure transactions are made easy for you. Once you set up Trezor, you should note down the 24-word recovery code and keep it somewhere safe.

Remember though that it is still possible to recover your cryptos even if your Trezor wallet is lost or stolen. Your funds will always stay safe no matter what happens!

The enhanced security features, present in Trezor, make it one of the best choices for cryptocurrency storage. Despite other hardware wallets in the industry, Trezor still stands as the number one choice of several cryptocurrency users.

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