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Ledger is one of the most rapidly growing companies in the field of security and cryptocurrency. They provide infrastructure solutions and security for blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies.

This safety can be useful for both – companies and individuals. Which means, flexibility is a notable feature of the organisation. Read on as we go through the history, prevalence, and other significant details of Ledger.

What Is Ledger?

As mentioned previously, Ledger is a company that uses unique, proprietary technology to build infrastructure solutions for cryptocurrencies.

They have developed a distinctive Operating System called BOLOS. This OS integrates to a chip in the case of a Ledger Wallet Line. It can also be integrated into a hardware Security Module (HSM) for other enterprise solutions.

With this technology, Ledger has a big monopoly in the market. No other company has this feature.

Ledger aims at providing security to a new class of crypto assets. These assets include financial assets such as cryptocurrencies. Data assets such as sensors, machine-to-machine features, and Internet of Things devices are included.

Moreover, digital identities such as password-less login or second-factor authentication are included as well.

At present, Ledger has 200 plus countries with their clients. There are more than 100 resellers globally, and about three million-plus ledger wallets have been sold worldwide.

Ledger has also designed two wallets, namely the light Ledger Nano S and the touchscreen Ledger Blue. Both these wallets can directly support 23 cryptocurrencies and more through third-party applications.

History Of Ledger

Ledger was started in the year 2014. At that time, eight experts came together to build software that could help promote embedded security. All these eight people came from backgrounds in cryptocurrencies, entrepreneurship, and embedded security.


Their aim was straightforward – to build a secure solution for blockchain applications.

Ledger, and its subsidiaries, have more than 300 employees in Verizon, Paris, New York, Singapore, and Zurich.

Prevalence Of Ledger In The Crypto Market

Ledger boasts of numerous features that users would love, starting with their two wallets, Light Ledger Nano S and the touchscreen Ledger Blue. You can have as many as 23 cryptocurrencies listed there.

Secondly, their enterprise solutions are top-notch. Ledger offers completely customizable infrastructure solutions to help you secure your crypto assets. This can be done for banks, Hedge funds, and even high net worth individuals.

Ledger also works for the biggies in various industries and helps them with blockchain use cases.

The best part about Ledger is that they now have a Ledger Academy! It is specially made for people who want to gain knowledge of finance. This is a great initiative and would help people who want to invest in the world of crypto but are scared to do so.

Wrap Up

Ledger has a wide range of features that will prove to be beneficial for anyone in the crypto world. You can buy cryptocurrencies safely using different payment options. You can also exchange and grow your crypto assets in an easy and secure way with Ledger.

We hope this article gave you a clearer picture of the company and cryptocurrency as a whole.

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