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If you’re looking for a digital wallet, it’s time to explore the Jaxx. It is a digital wallet that allows you to receive and send various cryptocurrencies. Besides, it also provides people a safe storage place for the same. 

Jaxx was started in 2014 by the co-founder of Ethereum, Anthony Diiorio. Here, you will learn in brief about Jaxx and its features.

Jaxx: Overview

If you are looking to store multiple currencies in a go, Jaxx is for you. This multicurrency wallet is the best option since it allows various currency storage in one place. Besides, Jaxx allows its users to store more than 90 coins – a limit that tends to increase all the time though.

The Jaxx wallet is available for download on Mac, Windows, Linux, and mobile devices for iOS and Android. Besides, you can also use it on the Chrome extension. Thus, it is easily accessible.

Benefits Of Jaxx

Jaxx is among the most popular option with 1.2 million downloads. So, we have compiled the benefits of this popular wallet below:

1. Multicurrency option

When you think about Jaxx, the best thing you find is the multicurrency option. The storage of different currencies is beneficial. Also, it includes coins like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Storm, Unicorn Gold, and Gnosis. 

2. Cross-platform pair

Since Jaxx is available for download on various devices, it provides an extra beneficial feature called cross-platform pairing. This means that you can link your wallets over different platforms like a Chrome extension and mobile devices together. 

3. Internal cryptocurrency exchange

Another benefit of using Jaxx is the built-in ShapeShift API – an exchange service that lets users exchange cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency with the same wallet. In other words, you can trade Bitcoins for Ethereum in your Jaxx wallet. 

4. User-friendly

A million downloads show that users love the Jaxx wallet and its user-friendly features. A suitable option for experienced users and beginners alike, the platform includes clear text, simple color, and makes the transaction history visible and easy to use. 

5. QR Scanning

We love easy features like QR scanning. The Jaxx wallet supports this feature, making it convenient to use for all users. So, you can easily send coins while on the go to anyone you want. Besides, the wallet is free to download. 

Security Of Jaxx

It’s important to note a huge hack in 2017 where a user lost Ethereum of $400000. It happened when the user downloaded the app on a jailbroken iPhone. So, it puts your wallet at risk, and security is not a great feature. 

However, Jaxx wallet’s security is high-end and makes the transactions untraceable. It also has a private key feature to recover your account. Additionally, there is bank-grade wallet encryption when you set your private key.

Summing Up

We hope that the above information on the Jaxx wallet helps you make a better decision. Since you have a good idea of Jaxx now, you can figure out your next step. However, it is important to note that the wallet doesn’t come with 2FA or an option for multi-signature. 

Jaxx Support Number |1-888-594-0371

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