EOS will be soon expanding its premises within the crypto ecosystem as it is designated as one of the Quote cryptocurrencies on HitBTC. This technically meant that the digital coin will raise the basis for new pairs, and liquidity and assets will also be raised. For more information, feel free to call on HitBTC phone number and get plenty of solutions and ideas from the experts in a jiffy.

In the meantime, Bitcoin (BTC) remains as the settlement currency only with the share of around 33% of total trading volumes and some of the coins have also become active in forming pairs. Ethereum (ETH) has to lead the race, but at the same time, Litecoin (LTC) and DogeCoin (DOGE) also given liquidity to some assets. HitBTC is known for adding upcoming assets. With already 783 pairs, the exchange is strongly effective then BTC, ETH Tether (USDT), and even to a lesser extent, DAI. The exchange with dollar prices is quoted as a proxy measure.

Getting paired up with numerous crypto assets lead to the production of many valuations and now, EOS is ready to show its effect as a settlement currency. The EOS volumes have also currently been among the most active traded coins and rank fourth with 4.74% of entirely crypto market volumes presently. Presently, the coin trades on the DOBI Trade exchange where around 22% of volumes are being concerned. EOS and USDT support each other for trading – as more than 47% of all EOS are traded to and fro with USDT that shows EOS traders choose dollar-denominated than Staoshi prices when to look for market sentiment. The EOS project is still having its doubters and derogators, who comment that this project is fully centralized and block as well.  But, Blockchain has proved its operational nature and has distributed apps that have been built on the distributed operating system. EOS has to fight for the users now. Whenever you are in doubt, feel free to call on HitBTC helpline number and get out of the box solutions and remedies from the well-elite professionals. Meanwhile, the EOS effect would be still limited as compared to the ETH pairings.

About HitBTC Exchange

Estonia based exchange, HitBTC was established in the year 2013 by Dave Merrill. It began its origin as a joint venture between developers, expert traders, and finance professionals with a €6million funding. Mainly focuses on the European market as well as in the Estonian, the trading volume on the daily basis is around 28,000 BTC. You can contact the bunch of professionals who are always there to assist you by dialing HitBTC helpdesk number which is always functional irrespective of time restrictions.

Get in touch with the experts to eliminate your errors and get fruitful and instant remedies from the team of professionals who are active 24/7 and greet users with positivity. Dial Hitbtc toll-free number and say goodbye to the bundle of errors that create hurdles in your path of trading on the HitBTC exchange.