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Binance Support Phone Number 1-888-594-0371

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency money. This measure is according to the exchanging volume. Another accolade, such as clearance of yet another demo video for their decentralized trade named Binance DEX in 2019, is known to everyone.

If you are an investor or someone who wants to explore the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin cash is where you should start.

Read on to know more about this new-age phenomenon!

History Of Binance

Binance Exchange is powered by the cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB). The first coin offering took place in July of 2017. At present, the market cap of BNB has gone up to $4.5 billion.

Binance was created by Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ. He was born in Jiangsu in China. In 2017, he noticed the increase in coin offerings and thought of making his coin.

In June, the same year, after raising $15 million, the Binance Coin had its initial offering at 200 million tokens. About 11 days later, the Binance Exchange started.

The exchange opened to cryptocurrencies such as BNB, BTC, LTC, NEO, and ETH. Binance supports more than 120 coins today.

The platform had accumulated about 120,000 users just 45 days after the site went live. The company was initially headquartered in China. As China introduced the ban on crypto trading, they had to move to Japan.

In just a matter of 165 days, Binance became the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange!

Prevalence Of Binance In The Crypto Market

There are innumerable ways to invest in crypto, but the world is inclining towards Binance. And why shouldn’t it? It has taken a position as one of the most top ways to invest.

Since 2017, Binance has rapidly emerged as the biggest and strongest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. At present, the platform enjoys about 1.2 billion trades daily, which is huge. The number of transactions per second stands at 1.4 million.

Not just high-quality exchange, Binance is winning in many other areas as well!

The Blockchain Charity Foundation by Binance has managed to raise many charities around the globe. They are generously trying to curb poverty and hunger issues. The Blockchain Charity Foundation is the first charity organization to accept cryptocurrency donations on its blockchain-enabled platform.

Binance Academy pledges to teach the basics of blockchain, security, and economics to people worldwide. The material they provide is free of cost. The best part is that blockchain was never this easy and accessible to the public.

Not just an academy and charity, but Binance also has a component known as Binance Labs. They invest in incubators as well as other cryptocurrency projects. Such projects involve cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and companies’ emancipation.

Binance is also planning to roll out new features such as Margin Trading and Trading Futures.

Benefits Of Binance

  • It is best for crypto-to-crypto and peer-to-peer trading
  • It has over 50 cryptocurrencies available
  • The trading fees are low – 0.1% spot trading fee
  • Its trading interface is easy to understand and use
  • The platform has top-notch security

Wrapping Up

Combine binary and finance, and we get none other than Binance! This article covers some details, prevalence, and history of Binance. If you have any issues with the same, feel free to contact their customer lines.

It is predicted Bitcoin Cash will go up again sometime in 2021. Investors are advised to observe the upgrades and enhancements made to Bitcoin Cash and the newer projects introduced.

Binance Service Number 1-888-594-0371


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